Residential Trash Service

Residential Trash Service

residential trash service
Residential Trash Service At Its Finest!!!
residential trash service
Please Don’t Litter. Keep Saline County Clean and Beautiful.

Pure Waste LLC provides residential trash service to most of Saline County. Service areas are Alexander, Avilla, Bauxite, Benton, Bryant, Haskell, Little Rock, Salem, Shannon Hills and Traskwood. We can only service you if you live in Saline County.  We will be servicing other areas in Saline County in the near future. Please keep checking back or give us a call.

Pure Waste LLC will pick up your house hold trash once a week. We will also pick up extra bags outside the cart, if you have them now and then.  Customers will be given a designated day of the week for their residential trash service to be pick up. Please put your trash cart out the night before or by 5:00 am on your scheduled  pick up day. We can not come back by to picou up, if your cart was not out when we came by. The standard trash pick up work day starts at 5:00 am, so please have your trash out by 5:30 am or put it out the night before. Please keep in mind, our route time is never consistent. Do not try and guess what time we are coming by. I can not stress this enough, we can not come back by to pick you up, if your cart was not out by 5.30 am or the night before. Please, do not call us about your trash not being picked by a certain time of the day, leave it out, we will be there.When your pick up day falls on or after a scheduled holiday, you will be picked up the following day. (See our Holiday Schedule)

We will provide our customers with a 95 gallon trash cart. Pure Waste LLC will deliver you a cart a week or so before your scheduled pick up date. PLEASE do not damage the cart in any way, such as painting on it or drilling holes in it. The cart is still the property of Pure Waste LLC. 

Please bag as much of your trash as possible, to help cut down on litter. Windy days will blow the loose trash around in the hopper, before the truck can eat it. Here is a video  to show you what I mean.

Pure Waste LLC can not pick up yard waste when picking up your trash, so please do not put yard waste in your cart. We are not allowed to take it to the landfill, being a commercial hauler. 

Pure Waste LLC will not charge you a deposit on the trash cart. Our cost is $70.00 a quarter or $25.00 a month plus your tax.  If you need an extra trash cart, it is $22.00 a month plus your tax. There is also a one time $15.00 delivery charge, plus tax for the trash cart. When you start service, it must be paid up front. Pure Waste will not charge a processing fee for credit cards when starting new service. We charge a $5.00 late fee on all pass due invoices.

 Service will be stopped if you are pass do, unless other arrangements have been made. Pure Waste will call first before your service is stopped. We will leave a message if nobody answers. If we do not receive payment that week , your service will be stopped the following week, until paid.  

Residential trash customers have many payment options to choose from. You also have the choice to be pay quarterly or monthly.

We can not take tires, electronics, yard waste, bulk items or the list of hazardous waste items below. with your residential trash service.

Pure Waste LLC Will not dispose of hazardous waste. Here are some examples of what not to put into your trash can.  Aerosol Cans, Motor Oils, Batteries, Cleaners, Old Fuel, Paint Strippers, Paint Thinners, Paint, Rodent Poisons, Antifreeze and Lawn and Garden Chemicals. If you have any questions, please give us a call.