Q & A

Q & A

Trash Service Questions

Q. Do you provide a cart and what size is it.

A. Yes, we provide a 96 gallon cart.

Q. How often do you pick up trash.

A. Once a week on your pickup day.

Q. Do we have to pay up front for trash service.

A. No, but all invoices are due upon receipt. They need to be paid by the second week, or trash service will be stopped, until paid.

Q. Do you charge for using a credit card.

A. Yes, we charge 3.5% if paid through email and 4.5% if you call in a credit card.

Q. Can we stop our trash service if we go on vacation.

A. Yes, just let us know when you need it stopped and then restarted again.

Q. Do you have any hidden fees.

A. No, we have a price per quarter or monthly plus tax.

Q. Do you charge a deposit on the cart.

A. No, but we charge a one time delivery fee of $15.00 plus tax.

Q. Do I pay the delivery fee when you bring out the cart out.

A. No, it will be on your invoice.

Q. Do I have to bag up my trash.

A. No, but we would like you to. It cuts down on litter when dumping the cart on windy days.

Q. Will my trash service be delayed by holidays.

A. Holiday schedules vary by service days. Please see: Holiday Schedules

Q. What if my trash did not get picked up.

A. There is only three reasons for this. Your cart was not out when we came by, you have not paid your bill, or your day fell on a holiday.

Q. When do I put out my cart.

A. You need to put it out the night before your scheduled pickup day. Do not guess when we will be there, as each week will vary.

Q. Do you pick up trash in a pickup.

A. No, we have a rear load trash truck.

Q. Do you pick up extra trash.

A. Yes, we pick up extra bags, along with the cart.

Q. Can we put yard waste in our cart.

A. No, we are not allowed to mix yard waste with our house hold trash.

Q. What do I do with my yard waste.

A. We have a separate service for yard waste, or you can take it yourself to the landfill for free.

Q. Do you take large items, like a couch or refrigerator.

A. Yes, put it is an additional fee. Please see: bulk items.

Curbside Recycling Questions

Q. Do you provide curbside recycling.

A. Yes, We provide curbside recycling to all our customers.

Q. Do you provide a recycle bin.

A. Yes, we provide a 34 gallon or a 96 gallon cart.

Q. Can I bag up my recyclables.

A. Yes, you can bag them or not bag them. It’s up to you.

Q. How often do you pick up recycling.

A. We pick up recycling twice a month, on your scheduled trash day. See: Recycle Schedule.

 Q. What do you recycle.

A. There is a list of items on our Curbside Recycling page.

Q. Do you recycle glass.

A. No, not at this time. We are trying to find an outlet for it.